Stabilized Rammed Earth FAQs

Common Concerns About Stabilized Rammed Earth:

Does rammed earth wash away in the rain? A 3500-psi power washer that can cut into a wooden 2×4 hardly abrades properly designed stabilized rammed earth. So no, it is extremely durable and it will not wash away in the rain.

Solum Stabilized Rammed Earth Wall Residential

Stabilized Rammed Earth Wall in the beautiful Okangan Valley by Solum Rammed Earth Builders Ltd.

Are your walls affecred by freeze thaw? Simply put, No. There are over 200,000 unstabilized rammed earth homes built in ski areas throughout Europe, some well over 200 years old and still standing.

 Are there any siesmic concerns with stabilized rammed earth walls? Engineers treat it as lower-strength concrete for their calculations. That being said, the compressive strength is much higher than a brick wall.

Residentail Rammed Earth Wall by Solum Builders

Residentail Rammed Earth Wall by Solum Builders near Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

 Are there building inspection concerns? So far all building inspectors have used the equivalency provision in the code backed up by engineering. This creates less exposure for the inspector and more confidence for the client.

 Is stabilized rammed earth insulated? Our stabilized rammed earth walls have an impressive insulation value of R33. Plus, they have at least 14” of thermal mass.

 How about indoor air quality? Many people choose rammed earth specifically for the superior indoor air quality provided by it’s eco-freindly design. 

 Is mold an issue with rammed earth structures? No, mold requires organic material. Rammed Earth walls are inorganic.

 How about insects and rodents? Don’t worry about these little pests. Insects and rodents are unable to penetrate our stabilized rammed earth walls.

Oliver Industrial Park

Large Stabilized Rammed Earth Wall Built By Solum Rammed Earth Builders at the Industrial Park in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada